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How to reset member website password by yourself

1. Go to

2. At the login page, click “Reset your password”

3. In the “User name” field, enter your WANO member website ID

4. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your user name. Follow the instruction in your email to reset your password. Please contact if you do not receive an email.

Note: If you have INPO ID, please follow the instruction here

Member website error or page not displayed properly

If you are seeing error or the web page not displayed properly. It's very likely to do with the compatibility of your Internet Explorer (IE10+ Only). Please add in IE's compatibility view setting (How To)

WANO ID Application (WANO Member Only)

Please fill out the application form and Email our IT Helpdesk at 

Note: We only accept application with valid company phone number and email address. For INPO account related, please contact INPO helpdesk directly.

Member WebID deactivation

- If a user ID is not used for 180 days, it is automatically deactivated.

- If you continue to use the default password, it will deactivate your ID after about a week.

Please contact our IT at to reset your account.

Member WebID Locked

Password is locked in the following case

- PW is not changed every 180 days

- Someone continuously enters wrong PW more than 3 times


Please contact our IT at to unlock your account.

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